All ticket transactions are processed by Eventbrite.

If the order is for free tickets, and there is inventory available through Eventbrite to fulfill the order, then the ticket order selection is processed and the tickets will be delivered by Eventbrite to the email address provided by the ticket purchaser.

If the order is for paid tickets, the order details are processed by Eventbrite as described above; and, the ticket purchasers credit card details are passed to Braintree Payments, a PCI compliant credit card processing company, and are then sent through a secure payment token to Eventbrite for payment processing. Because of this, there is no change to the way you currently receive sales deposits.

Once the Eventbrite ticket purchase order is completed, Amplify thereafter charges the purchasers credit card for Amplify's fee, and a separate receipt is emailed to the purchaser by Amplify at the email address they provided.

Please note: No credit card information is ever seen, or stored, by Amplify.

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