When you install Amplify Sell By Text and are on either the Professional or Premium Eventbrite package, a subscription waiver is placed into the purchase flow for each of your events. 

This custom question waiver is an incredibly powerful tool, with customers checking that they would like to receive messages as high as 80% of the time.

Customers wanting to receive the confirmation text message can check the waiver checkbox and purchase their selected tickets. Once the Purchase button is clicked Amplify automatically sends them the confirmation text message where they can confirm that they'd like to subscribe by replying, YES.

If you would like to remove the waiver from a specific event you take the following steps:

  • Click Manage on the event you' like to remove the waiver from
  • Next click Order Options
  • Then click Order Form
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Information to Collect questions
  • Click the switch, beside the waiver question, to not Include it in the purchase flow for the event.

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