Amplify enables you to easily use hidden tickets to send your customers special offers, VIP experiences, or other promotions you may want to offer.

How to set up hidden tickets for your event in Eventbrite

To set a ticket type to hidden for an event in Eventbrite, complete the following;

  • create a new paid ticket with your offer
  • click on the ticket settings icon 
  • scroll midway down in the ticket settings
  • check the "Hide this ticket type" checkbox
  • Save/publish your event 

How to use your hidden tickets in your Amplify messages

To use hidden tickets to send special offers to your customers in a message, complete the following:

  • select Amplify Event
  • choose one of your events that has a hidden ticket(s) from the event drop down
  • check the checkbox next to the hidden ticket you'd like to send in the message
  • complete the creation of your message (recipients, image, call-to-action and thank you messages)
  • send or schedule your message

How your message recipients access and see your special offers through hidden tickets

Amplify fully automates your hidden ticket access codes so when a subscriber receives your message with hidden tickets, the ticket is instantly available for them to purchase. 

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