The Amplify Subscription Widget is a mobile number entry field that you can add to your website, landing pages, blogs, etc. It allows your site/page visitors to subscribe to Amplify-generated in-text event alerts and offers to purchase your Eventbrite tickets. 

NOTE: You are creating a new widget each time you alter the widget settings. You can create as many widgets as you'd like and style each one differently. Choose the button content and color, button border color, body color, and corner radius of the subscription widget using the widget settings. 

Once you've styled your widget you can add tags onto each instance of the widget you create.

You can track the performance of each of your Widgets by adding unique tags. You can then search for customers that submitted their mobile phone numbers on a specific website, landing page, blog, etc. with your subscription widget. 

Now that yo've added some tags, copy the widget code snippet and add it to your website, landing page, blog, etc.

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