To start creating a new message using a List, click Amplify Event.

Step 1: Choose Event

Select the Event you would like to send to a message against.

Next, check the boxes of the ticket types that you would like to make available for purchase by recipients of the message you are creating.

You can also utilize hidden tickets to send your subscribers special offers, VIP experiences, discounted ticket, or any other promotion you offer.

Step 2: Select Contacts

Choose an existing curated or custom list of recipients from the Contact Lists dropdown. 

If you want to create a new list, or update an existing list on, click Choose Contacts under NEW LIST to open your Amplify Contacts database. 

Once in the Contacts database you can use the filters on the left hand side to hone in on the subscribers you would like to send your message to. 

Step 3: Write Messages

First, choose the image that you would like to use for this Amplify message. Click the Use event image check box if you would like to use the image that is located on your Eventbrite event page. Or, you can choose and edit another image from your image library by clicking on Add Image.

Next, add the content of your Amplify message in the MESSAGE box and the content for your thank you message to recipients that purchase your Eventbrite tickets in the THANK YOU MESSAGE box. You can check the Preview button to see how your message and thank you message will appear to your list recipients inside their native text application.

When you're ready click the AMPLIFY YOUR EVENT! button to move on to sending or scheduling your message.

Go to: Preview message

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